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Nigel Stoves Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Are fully trained and qualified to offer the following services to the commercial sector:





Appliances Fat and Pressure Fryers

  • Air Heating
  Direct Fired Appliances  

Indirect Fired appliances

Overhead Paque & Tube Heaters

  • Pipework

First Fx Commercial Pipework

  • Water Central Heating

Indirect Fired Heating

  • Pipework Commissioning

Commercial Testing & Purging Over 1m



Commercial condensing boilers and heating systems

Innovative commercial heating systems for buildings with high energy requirements

Political frame works and continuously rising energy prices require, in particular for buildings with a high energy requirement, innovative heating technology solutions. Economic viewpoints both for new build and refurbishments show substantial cost saving potential in the areas of heating and process heating, which are under used so far.

Proven condensing technology

New commercial condensing boilers offer proven condensing technology. The combination of Inox-Crossal heat exchanger surfaces with the patented MatriX gas burners in our commercial condensing boilers is a milestone in heating technology.

High-efficiency and cost-saving commercial heating systems

Our high-efficiency commercial heating systems achieve savings, which are linear to the increase in energy requirements of a building, whether they are industrial buildings or office buildings, hotels, hospitals and schools. In the short term the substantial efficiency differences will lead to considerable savings in energy consumption and costs.

Dual-fuel solutions

The amortisation periods therefore will be short. New commercial boiler systems, due to their construction and design, offer great potential for fulfilling individual requirements in a broad spectrum of their operational areas. For industry, trade and municipalities we offer commercial boiler solutions which are perfectly matched to each other: Renewable energy systems that cover basic load, which are combined with peak load boilers using fossil fuels. In order to obtain a perfect interaction and thus the highest efficiency, all system components for bespoke combination have this inherent flexibility built-in.

We firmly believe in our dual strategy of energy efficiency and the satisfaction of fossil fuels with renewable energies. With a comprehensive range of commercial boiler systems, whichever new boiler you decide upon – with their high energy efficiency, all of our new boilers contribute to a drastic reduction in heating costs and are also ecologically the perfect choice.

A comprehensive range of commercial boilers for all projects

As an environmental pioneer we already offer efficiency and low-pollution heating systems for all fuel types and ranges of application for decades: Whether trade, industry or local projects - owing to our comprehensive and complete product range we are able to offer independent advice on all energy questions.

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